Helping you turn your used motor oil, gear oil, transmission oil and veggie oil into a clean fuel source.  For your diesel car, truck, tractor, or heavy equipment!
Save from 25% to 75%  or MORE  on your fuel costs using a Bluegrass fuel System! 
Read on to learn how!
Proudly made in the USA!

Getting ready to make bio fuel with the Bluegrass fuel system.

Hi, my name is Scott Bradley a few years ago I sold a Lil'House Outside Wood Heater to a fine man named Josh Hall.   He drove from Kentucky to Missouri to pickup his heater even though we could ship the heater to him really cheap.  On the phone he was explaining that it would only cost him 50% of the fuel cost (or less) to come pick up the heater.   I had been looking and researching about burning waste or used engine oil and hydraulic oil in my Ford pickup truck and farm tractors.  To make a long story short, I ended up with one the fuel systems from Josh Hall.   I have been using recycled waste oil in my farm tractors, backhoe and trackloader with no problems for over 2 years.  I wanted to promote the product for him and let others know that "it really works".  So, read on my new friend and see how to save money on fuel in these extremely hard times!  More about me will be on the contact page.  

If you have ever thought of using bio diesel,  waste oil, recycling oil or burning used oil.  This site may help you.  An alternative diesel fuel can work well for many of us !

"I really like having the Bluegrass fuel system from Scott Bradley. Now a days in Liberia a cost per gallon of fuel oil is $5.00 here. Thanks so much for introducing me to this technology. I am saving tons of money now.... I have extra to do other things with, that I wouldn't be doing without this systems. Thanks so much Scott." Jakey Brown, Monrovia, Liberia.  4-14-2011  (purchased in fall of 2010).
*The unit is being used at the Brewerville Institute of Technology to power the diesel generator for electricity and other vehicles.*

Please take the time to read thru the the information I have here, I can answer questions about the units.  I have saved a lot of money using the TF1000  and you can too.
This is a simple design and the Bluegrass fuel system really works.  Affordable, simple to use and it really works!   Give the site a good look, ask your questions, after you have all the informaton you can decide if this is for you!   I will just give you the straight story and that is all no high pressure sales pitch!  I won't even ask you if your ready to order!   We are all tired of the snake oil salesman that want to do nothing but "sell" something no matter if it works or not.   Well we are not that way, won't be and can tell you this works since we use it ourselves.   Nothing is worse than the Pepsi man telling you how great Pepsi is and all the while drinking a Coke!
I am not a web designer just a farmer in Missouri but, I do my best to give you honest good information!  Have a good day and GOD BLESS